Dinning Philosophy

Dinning Philosophy

We like to think that great food has the power to bring people together.

Thathu is a community / third space (A place between home + work) with a forward-thinking ethos that fosters self-expression, creative engagement, meaningful social connections, and love for all things African. We pride ourselves in carrying adventurous interpretations of familiar dishes designed to surprise and delight, with bold and unexpected flavours, creative culinary elements and fresh, vibrant ingredients.

Our Urban Oasis is an upwardly mobile social touchpoint. A destination for those seeking consciousness, celebration and realization – all experiences embodied by our food.

Drawing inspiration from the African continent, the interiors demonstrate our founders’ passion for contemporary art, design and understated grandeur, reflecting their personal tastes and collections.

Respecting the Thathu food philosophy of Good, Clean and Fair and the traditions on which Thathu was founded - Our restaurant focuses on the finest seasonal produce, quality ingredients and African flavours, serving lunch, dinner and a intersectional space.

Surrounded by a serene but elevated setting, Thathu intends to welcome guests with exquisite hospitality, finesse, and attention to detail to enhance the dining experience and the larger establishment that hosts it.